Videobewerbung - 2013






Tv Mona De -2010 - 2014
Vultures - Animation - 2015
It is hard to be a man. Harassed by diseases, depression, undervalued and always subject to mortality, we enter anxiously the world of illusion that has been offered to us by the Media. The Media turn our misfortunes into sensational events, and because of our misfortunes, we can become TV stars. This is the price of our existence, we become subjects of fame for five minutes. Maybe it's better to go through shamanic initiation instead! The demons that are destroying us, are recreating us again.
Claw - Animation - 2015
Claw is a fairy tale - videoclip of the magical little girl. She wanders through different worlds where she meets the spirits of animals. At the end together with a friend teleport (teleportation) to another world in another dimension. Children's bewitching reality.